Session 1: Dicking around in Kasserine

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Session 1:

  • Keith tries to sneak by Frida rolls a 16 and she watches him walk slowly past her and rolls her eyes. She pats him on the back and he tries to pick pocket her and she bitch slaps him for 2 damage.
  • Kyle jerks off in the alley way rolls a 10 for animal handling and haphazardly jerks off on a wall.
  • Ryan intimidates the bartender for free room and board.
  • Keith tries to juggle 3 torches fucks up with a 5 and lights himself on fire for 4 damage.
  • Brendon gets free board for everyone for playing music, but Kyle drags mark outside to spoon with him in the alley way.
  • Brendon converts Ryan to his religion.
  • Brendon buys a taco from josh for 2 cp.
  • Brendon eats the taco.
  • Session ended as they entered the Temple.


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