Session 8: Narder, Ealdhelme, and the city of Norinoth


The group find themselves loaded to the gills with loot. So, instead of marching onward to unknown threats, they decided to make a quick stop at the town of Norinath, where they meet two guards by the names of Narder and Ealdhelme. Narder more of a rustic deeper toned man, while Ealdhelme the complete opposite. While they were to guard the group they also acted as their guides within the town itself. Bringing them to all the hotspots that they requested, even escorting Aiden to his little camping spot just on the outskirts of town. Diligent and honest the two guards were, just trying to make their town a better place to live. On constant siege from the Nightbringers from the North the guards of this town try to keep the townsfolk out of harms way while trying to keep daily life energetic and fun. By building a tall wall around the town it helps the townsfolks feel safer and at ease, as the soldiers carried the brunt of the truth of the situation on their shoulders. This town wouldn’t last long.

With forced smiles and heavy drinking in the evening the soldiers were convinced that the town wouldn’t last the next attack. So, when a group of strangers walked up they couldn’t allow more lives to be sacrificed to these Nightbringers. They tried to push them away, but the group insisted. Trying not to be rude they allowed the guests in, but on one condition. They must be guarded by the two strongest guards at all time. That’s where Narder and Ealdhelme come in. They don’t look like much, but they’ve survived countless attacks from the Nightbringers. The only reason they’re not commanding the towns guards it because they’ve both refused it. Narder says it’s not his style, while Ealdhelme thinks he’s suited for a better position. While guarding the new guests of the town the two guards begin to notice the strength of the group, as they hand over dragon hide and bones to merchants to make something out of them. The amount of Ioun stones they have attuned and carry shows the strength of the group.

Both guards didn’t want to push any inconveniences on anyone, but if they could convince the group to stay a little longer, maybe, just maybe, they’d be able to save the town. The following morning their wish came true. Over the horizon a winged beast barreled toward the town. The attack was coming alright, but from the looks of the attack it looked like they wanted to end things. Instead of sending the normal goblins and wyrmlings to siege the town the Nightbringers had sent one of their generals to lead the assault. Based on the size of the dragon, and the red aura flowing off the back, it wasn’t just any General, but Vern, the Blood Knight. His deadly gaze set on the town of Norinoth. Will the adventurers be able to defend the town from his deadly grasp? Next time on Dragonball Z….


Cptgrundle Cptgrundle

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