Session 7: The Bait and Wait

Friday June 10th

They were baited, then it waited……. And by ‘it’ I mean the House Hunter of course. A giant Mimic type creature that lures unsuspecting travellers to their doom, by convincing them it’s a house. While flying around the suspicious building Quentin convinces Aiden that the best approach would be to rappel into the windows from Ketrel at high speeds. Obviously, seeing nothing wrong with that plan Aiden agreed as the rest of the adventurers tried to talk them out of it. Unwilling to back down Quentin jumped and Aiden soon followed. Even though both of them are light on their feet, that didn’t matter when travelling at 30-40 mphs and hitting a window. They both fell valiantly.

After collecting themselves, the group found the entrance. Quentin, Aiden, and Blaze all went inside. Larah stayed outside as the suspicious building seemed ‘off’ to her. While inside the building, the adventurers started to have a feeling that something was up, as they were slowly being digested. What that ‘something’ was they didn’t know, but it was up and they didn’t like it. They finally realised what that ‘up’ finally was. They decided to split up and as they entered separate rooms the doors to their rooms were immediately closed behind them, then the recently shut doors turned into a wall. Without a single notice the House Hunter lunged out with all it’s tentacles. It didn’t show it’s maw until it felt the prey trapped by its tentacles.

Unfortunately, for the House Hunter the adventurers were too strong and slippery to be caught by a simple trap like this. Aiden, shooting arrow after arrow, defeated every tentacle the monster could throw at him. Pinning tentacle after tentacle with his perfect aiming dealing massive damage to both the tentacles and the giant creatuer itself. In the other room Blaze took a more evasive means of surviving the barrage of attacks. He dived, dodged, dipped, and dodged out of most of the grapples the monster could try. Blaze was only grappled once and easily escaped it’s clutches by weaselling his way out of the monsters grip. Quentin, on the other hand, took a head on approach by attacking the tentacles with everything he had. Sure, he was grappled a few times but he overpowered the tentacles as if they were recently cooked noddles trying to hold him down, instead of a giant monster looking for a snack.

Larah, not falling for the houses tricks, stayed outside trying to cleanse the building over and over again. Against all odds and ignoring the many failed attempts to cleanse the building she kept at it. Finally, she realised that maybe the building wasn’t a building, but a creature. With that thought she decided to break down the wall with her spectral mace. After the first smash the buildings tentacles lunged at her. She stepped away and waited for the tentacle to recede. Once the tentacle disappeared she continued to tear down the wall. Confused at why the wall was bleeding and not falling down, she kept hammering away as if her life depended on it. Not realising that in the process she was damaging the giant creature. Ketrel watched her. The whole time. Cleaning his plumes and staring at the wall Larah was demolishing. With a cocked head Ketrel just watched confused.

Finally, after the beast was slain. As it fellover dead the back of it tore open revealing a method of escape for the trapped adventurers. Slowly it began to disintegrate, Blaze on his way out grabbed everything that looked shiny. Right before the beast was felled it delivered a massive blow to Quentin knocking him out. As the back opened Larah was able to find Quentin lying on the ground. She restored him and helped him out of the crumbling beast. With their unknowing teamwork the adventurers were able to take down one of the most fiercest beasts in the lands, the mighty House Hunter.


Cptgrundle Cptgrundle

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