Session 6: Don't drop me bro

Friday at 8PM

After their slow escape from the city of Vaer Taeldas, our adventurers, bored and a vague idea of where to go, find themselves being chased by none other than a Dragon. After close inspection, Larah was able spot a rider on the back of the Dragon. Literally trapped and no where to go they posture up for a fight. Susesy decides to try and barrel roll the ship but in the process snaps the steering mechanism completely off.

With no ability to steer and no way of descending at a speed that is useful, the adventurers prepare for the worst. Within minutes the fight starts. Quentin throwing javelin after javelin at the progressing Dragon ends up hitting his mark. The Dragon, barely noticing the hit, continues to barrel forward. With one pass-by the dragon snaps the lines of the port side of thee ship. The ship, only connected at the starboard side now, hangs on by only a handful of ropes. Everyone but Quentin is able to catch themselves from falling.

The adventurers instantly step into action in trying to save Quentin. Unfortunately, by the time the adventurers notice what’s going on to help it’s already too late. Quentin in free fall starts to pray to his god. With no time to spare Blaze starts to attack the dragon and it’s rider. The rider nocks an arrow, fires, and skims the dangling Susesy, but with his powerful man-child hands he desperately holds on. The arrow, continuing it’s path, hits the bottom-side of the balloon and creates a gash where air begins to leak. The ship starts to lose altitude.

While the ship falls Larah, still dangling on the end of a rope and desperately trying to find a way to save Quentin, has no choice but to give up and jump to the ship. She jumps to the starboard side of the ship, which is still connected to the balloon. With Quentin practically dead, the team barely able to stand (never-mind fight), and with the Dragon-rider and his Dragon turning, for what seems to be a finishing blow. To say the situation seemed hopeless was an understatement.

While hopelessness set in, a shadow of hope suddenly appeared. The sun became eclipsed by a giant creature. The shadow darted down between the Dragon and the zeppelin at blurring speeds. With his man-child hands Susesy was still able to hold on as a gust of wind blew past from the blur. With immense speed the blurred shadow caught Quentin in it’s giant talons. It was a Roc! Not only a Roc but a Roc and a rider. It was Aiden! Literally out of no where, Aiden has rejoined the adventurers.

Perplexed and excited, the team regained their confidence in dealing with the Dragon menace now. As Ketrel, what the Roc was known by, and Aiden placed Quentin on top of the zeppelin, Quentin bound the rider with an ensnaring spell so he couldn’t use his weapons. Once Quentin was placed on the zeppelin the Dragon struck with a breath attack, knocking Susesy and Blaze from the zeppelin. Aiden jumped to the dragon and commanded Ketrel to catch the two falling teammates. Larah and Quentin continued to hold off the dragon and it’s rider.

Aiden, now on the Dragon, steals it’s riders weapon and begins to attack them both. The Dragon tries to barrel roll him off but is unsuccessful. Ketrel returns with the both Susesy and Blaze in his talons. Susesy yells some extremities to the rider and buffs Blaze, then grabs onto the ship as Blaze jumps on the back of the Dragon with Aiden. Blaze adds some more wounds to the Dragon in hopes of felling the beast, but is unsuccessful. The rider commands something to the Dragon and the Dragon attacks the Roc. The Dragon tries to bite Ketrel but ends up biting it’s own tongue off. Ketrel, using his large beak attacks the Dragon in return and ends up doing little damage due to it’s scales.

The battle ensues and blood is seen dripping from the Dragon and it’s rider. The rider yells out one last command as Aiden stabs the stolen sword into the back of the riders neck and pinning him to the back of the Dragons. The Dragon turns to the zeppelin and launches a lightning breath that knocks Susesy out. He falls unconscious. Larah tries to grab him and misses but quickly heals him. Awake and clearly falling Susesy is instantly terrified and screaming. Quentin commands Ketrel to fly and grab the “small one”. Ketrel darts down and lets Susesy fall onto his back. Quentin takes time to tend to Royce who has been knocked completely unconscious as the battle began.

Aiden and Blaze make small work of the Dragon-rider. Ketrel flying back up, with Susesy on his back, and finishes off the Dragon by tearing it’s head clean off it’s shoulders. The battle is over and the adventurers have won. Ketrel grabs a hold of the battered zeppelin and guides it safely down to the ground. Once on the ground Blaze and Susesy look for the dragon corpse for spoils and meat, while the rest tend to the Roc and camp. At the base of a mountain with a vague idea where they are the team is left to fix their battered ship and tend to their wounds before continuing their adventure.

End Session.


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