Session 5: Let's go fly a....zeppelin?

Friday start time 8-8:30PM
Becker Wedding
Josh Fucking Josh

After defeating the 2-3 templar knights, that stood in their path, the group was able to find none other then Susesy, who was guided by his God to find this zeppelin and fix it. After reuniting with their small companion the group decided help get the zeppelin up and running to hopefully escape the clutches of Shar’s templars. After a few hours of trying to inflate the balloon with a torch in the groins of Quentin and holding the balloon up from being torched, Royce was able to find a contraption that Susesy knew to be the fan to inflate the balloon.

While most of the group was getting the zeppelin all up and running Blaze took it upon himself to scout around to check for anymore problems. Within moments of strolling down the street he noticed a couple of templars who immediately ask Blaze what he’s doing. Seeing how it’s a quarantine citizens should be in their homes to avoid any issues.


Cptgrundle Cptgrundle

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