Session 3: Information, I think not!

Friday 8PM
Pat- Ranger
Jayme- Rogue
Kristi- Cleric
Will- Palading
Brendon- Bard

*Loots a shortsword (needs to be inspected) and 300g (which he shares with everyone) from Frida’s corpse.
*Enters the city of Taer Valadaes and groups up with Larah to get tattoos.
*Bribes the guard Bill with 5 gp to let him into the inner city.
*Get’s a tattoo (brand) of his god the Hoofawump on his shoulder, pays 5sp for it.
*Convinces the guard Bill to convert to his religion and finds out that the Temple of Shar doesn’t appreciate other religions.
*Meets up with the rest of the group in the “Ye Olde Inn.”
*Dances on someones meals and pisses him off but calms him by juggling 4 darts like a boss.
*Throws the darts at Blaze which blaze doesn’t dodge and takes a dart to the face for 4 damage.
*Purchases a room for 5sp for the night.

*Heals everyone after the fight with Frida.
*In the city of Taer Valadaes, she groups up with Susesy to get “tats”
*With the blessing of Persephone, she finds her way to the guard Bill who she tries to convince to let them into the inner city and ends up making an awkward conversation between them, almost getting them kicked out of the area until Susesy stepped in.
*Watches Susesy get a “tat” (branding) and ends up not getting one as it looked painful and unhealthy,
*Guides them to the “Ye Olde Inn” in the outer city slum area where they meet up with everyone.
*As the antics between the group is getting to its peek she goes to bed sharing a room with Quentin.

*During the fight with Frida he stabilizes Aiden for 10hp with lay on hands and incurs a attack of opportunity against him.
*After hearing what Frida has to say with her dying breath he finds an updated bloodied map of the area they are in.
*Helps Larah heal some people before they camp for the night.
*In the city of Taer Valadaes seearches for information on the dragon that he saw.
*Thinking that a meat vendor would be the best place to ask about the dragon he saw, speaks with the meat vendor who is confused and busy and tells him about the library.
*Enters the library to speak with an elderly woman who is in charge of the library. He asks her about book son dragons and she points him in the direction of dragon book sin the library.
*After reading what he believes to be a true story about Pete’s Dragon the librarian asks him what he’s looking for and she could provide the information for 10sp. He declines and continues reading books.
*Eventually the old librarian kicks him out as they were closing but would allow him to stay the night and protect the library if any “scum” would come by. He declines and ends up at the “Ye Olde Inn” with everyone else.
*After watching Suesesy piss off a patron by dancing on his food he juggles 4 darts from Blaze and after finishing an amazing juggling act and calming the patron he impales an unsuspecting Blaze with one of his own darts for 4 damage. Quentin heals Blaze by touching his shoulder with lay on hands.
*Pays for a room for him and Larah for 5 sp.

*After watching Sgt. Garn taken away by a giant 100 headed dragon walks around the bushes to find an ambush being prepared for the group which he thwarts.
*During the fight with Frida and her guards he is knocked unconscious but is healed by Quentin for 10.
*After the fight he convinces the group to push forward and to forget about the town.
*Camps before getting to the city of Taer Valdaes.
*Uncomfortable with big cities and large groups of people Aiden stays outside the city.

*As Frida finishes telling them about a person they can’t defeat with her dying breath Blaze finishes her off with a rapier to the heart. Her last word is “Wyrmwatch” as she dies.
*Camps with the group prior to the city of Taer Valadaes.
*In the city he searches for signs of a thieves guild. He dooesn’t find a thieves guild exactly but notices the hidden hand signals that makes him believe there might be one around.
*Ends up at a weapon shop where he sells 2/4 gems for 50gp and spends 50gp to upgrade his rapier with 8 charges, which allow him to remove a charge and deal 2 extra damage. The weapon is nonchargeable.
*Finds an Inn called the “Ye Olde Inn” in the outer slum part of the city where he speaks with the Innkeeper about poison.
*He spends 80 sp on information where to find poison (which ends up being the innkeeper) and purchasing 4 draughts of basic poison. 1 draught works on both weapons and lasts 4 hours.
*Tries to steal something from the weapon shop owner when he goes back to pick up his weapon. Fails as the owner owned a cat and was watching him leave the store.
*Gives Susesy 4 darts to juggle which Susesy ends up impaling his face with one as Blaze was in the middle of drinking ale. Takes 4 damage that Quentin heals with Lay on Hands.


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