Session 2: The Temple of Shar

8 PM group make-up:
Kristi- Cleric
Jayme- Rogue
Becker- Ranger
Will- Paladin
Brendon- Bard


  • Kills Pox the goblin.
  • Finds human tracks heading north.
  • Finds the charm spell in room 5.
  • Finds a necklace worth 80 gp.
  • Skins the worgs receives 2xWorgs hide.
  • Shoots retch as he runs out of the room screaming and ends up killing him because Larah wouldn’t tackle him.
  • Has an argument with owner of weeapon shop over a rapier, that Jayme stole.


  • Checks one of the statues and finds writing on them but nothing else.
  • Rolls a 18 for trap check, finds nothing.
  • Found 200 gp worth of gems in room 4.
  • Sends mouse into room 2 to check on it and finds out from the mouse there are hostiles in the room.
  • Throws the small knife and kills a worg.
  • Stole a rapier and bought 10x darts for 50cp from weapon shop owner in town.


  • Checks other statue and rolls a 5, then moves to find a new door.
  • Rolls a 1 and charges through the door and falls prone and wakes the goblins that were sleeping.
  • Takes 7 damage between 3 goblins.
  • Lay on hands for 7. He has 8 left.
  • Perception check in room 6 200 gp.
  • Becomes surrounded and is knocked unconscious.
  • Uses 5 of his lay on hands to heal Susesy to full.
  • Allows Susesy to ride on his back as they leave the temple.
  • Talks to someone at the constables about the goblin problem but Frida isn’t there.


  • Convinces Quentin to donate 5 cp to his religion.
  • Inspires Blaze.
  • Inspires Quentin.
  • Fails to shoot his bow.
  • Deceives a zombie into chasing lights away from Quentin.
  • In the middle of combat searches for loot under beds and sits on it.
  • Jumps from one bed to the other.
  • Juggles 4 arrows and impales his foot for 1 damage.
  • Uses Dancing Light to draw out 6/10 goblins from room 8 into an ambush.
  • Finds 108 sp from searching the goblins they just ambushed from room 8.
  • Gets shot in the face and knocked unconscious.
  • Heals Quentin to full with Healing Word.
  • Convinces stink to leave the temple with him.
  • Gets a piggy back ride from Quentin.
  • At the inn he juggles torches and gets a free room for the group.


  • Prays over the dead goblin and searches and get 15 sp.
  • Divies up the 15sp to everyone.
  • Prays in front of the statue of shar and gets struck by lightning for 4 damage.
  • Finds gold and gives it out to everyone 5g 15 sp each.
  • Blesses Quentin and Blaze before combat in room 6.
  • Stabilizes both Quentin and Susesy.
  • Chases after Retch trying to give him a hug to calm him.
  • Brings stink to the infirmary and stays with him.

Plot so far:
The Temple of Shar has been mostly cleared out by the group, they decide to return to town, as some of them were wounded and they had a prisoner in need of medical attention. After getting back to town Quentin discusses the issue of the goblins in the Temple with Sgt. Garn, who is annoyed at first to hear that they engaged the goblins, but eventually gives in to the fact that it’s already too late. He tells Quentin, “Frida is on patrol over by the farms and will be back shortly, when she arrives we will discuss this in more detail.”
After 4 hours, Garn frantically enters the Inn asking for help from Quentin and his friends to protect the farms from the goblin attack. The group agreed and left immediately. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to reach the farms as they were intercepted by the leader of the goblins riding a worg and two of it’s guards. Garn instantly noticed who it was, “Frida what’re you doing?” He asked confused and desperate. She answered with a cackling laugh and proclaimed, “The Goddess Shar will destroy all who do not accept her as the one true God! Come! Become one of The Draconic Witness and bring an end to all these false Gods and religions. Or die!” Session ends.

Can’t make it:
Kenny- character working on his contraption (1/3).


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