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Plot so far:
The group has finally come face-to-face with the Nightbringer army and who they think leads it. How does the group hold true against this threat?

Well, Aiden has left the adventure to tend to his peoples needs after witnessing some of them being subjugated to the plague that is the Nightbringers.

Larah, Ketrel, and Royce were all swallowed up by a void tear that was created by Tash after Royce provoked him. With only Royce coherent enough to speak with the entity that calls himself Rhogash, the Omnipotent within the void plane. After their discussion Royce was cast away from the void plane, only to find himself the only one to have escaped the void. Left confused and torn, Royce must now choose his new path. The path that leads to power and betrayal, or betrayal and power. They might sound the same, but based on what Royce has witnessed nothing is the same anymore.

Good ole Quentin has become more confused after reuniting with Lelies, a very important person from his past. With the threat of the Nightbringer army and the reappearance of Lelies at the head of it, Quentin doesn’t understand the implications and on what to do going further.

Blaze….. Blaze likes loot. By sticking with the group Blaze gets loot. Therefore, why would Blaze leave the group?

Oh! Can’t forget about Jose. Constantly appearing out of nowhere from a drug induced bender only to help the group at his leisure, but pays no attention to what’s actually going on. One moment he’s helping rid the world of great evil, the next he’s turned into an animal capable of hunting down knot-weed and disappearing with no notice in search for his vice.

And then there’s Susenna. Still attempting to convert the world to her religion, Hoofawumpism. Always disappearing in hopes of dragging some unsuspecting schmuck to their spiritual demise. Unaware of the fact that religions are illegal, and borderline a death sentence, Susenna still holds true to her creed and spiritual ways to one day make her God, the Hoofawump, proud to have chosen her for this dangerous quest. As the rest of the party falls prey to her innocent and unsuspecting naivety by attempting to convert those who hold true to the law of the land and whistle blow to the Nightbringers about them.

Last but not least, there’s Rurik. A dead Dwarf cleric who, due to his loving God, was recently brought back from the dead. A living oxymoron if you will. With justice, and his God’s will, must bring the Nightbringer army to pay for their atrocities. Grouping up with the only lunatics this side of the Maison-dixen line willing to confront the unknown army. Rurike likes their spunk and moxy, he likey a lot.

So, the group holds together, but barely. Will this group of selfish, unintelligible, psychotic, drug addicted, power hungry, creed driven lunatics be enough to take on the Nightbringer army that threatens the very existence of everything. Find out by tuning in next week on Dragonball Z, where Goku spends 5 episodes jerking his spirit bomb off, so Freezer, Cooler, Amoeba, Majin-peek-a-boo, and slightly darker then Black can knock it away with one-hand. Clearly wasting your efforts in trying to understand WTF is going on in that damn anime. ;)


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