Session 4: Chaos? Or opportunity?

Royce: Enters Taer Vaelastas notices a commotion, listens in on it and infiltrates the group. He deceives the group into thinking he is a commanding officer and tells them to wait outside. Enters the ‘Ye Olde Inn’ and speaks with the innkeeper and get’s the information he was looking for. After walking upstairs and knocking on room #3 where Larah answers the door.
Received a bloodstone

Larah: Woke up to a strange man knocking on her door claiming her and her friends are in trouble.

Received a mini carpet sewed with electrum

Blaze: Was woken up to Larah and a strange man

Received a

Quentin: Receives a parchment of paper with information that he was looking for.

Jose: Accidentally kills a guard by knocking him out and feeding him a taco, which the guard just so happened to be allergic to and goes into anaphylactic shock and asphyxiates to death. After that the templars find a body and begin to chase him. He ends up hiding in a ship with a tarp over it, only to pop out to attack a templar left alone to guard the area.

Received a small bag of spices.


After a rowdy night of dancing, juggling, maiming, and partying the group goes to bed feeling splendid and none the wiser of what was to come in the morning. Larah is first to wake to a knock on her door, which ends up being a strange man proclaiming that she is in danger. Unaware of her situation Larah takes her time in waking the group. Once everyone is awake the man introduces himself as Royce and seeking financial funds due to telling them the news but is interrupted as the templars storm the Inn. The group escapes from the Inn by 2nd story window, as Royce goes to confront the templars as he mentioned to the group he some how impersonated an officer to buy them some time. After they all escape and leave the Inn they noticed that Susesy is no where to be found. With time against them and no idea what to do the group decides to push forward.

A short moment later they run into the librarian who Quentin instantly recognizes. She explains, during the night the templars started to act up and search everywhere for the group, in doing so they came to the library seeking information. Scared of the situation the librarian grabbed any information that pertains to the religion and brought it with her to hopefully find Quentin and give it to him. When she bumped into the group she was surprised how easy it was to spot the group as they seemed to not be hiding all to well and unconcerned of the situation they were in. She also warned them of the danger they were in but the group seemed to be more interested on what was on the scroll.

After trying to read what was inscribed on the scroll the group decided to move forward and deal with it later. They come across another gate that the templars are guarding, so Blaze and Royce decide to walk up to the guards and ask some questions as to why they are quarantining the city over something as ridiculous as a religion. The guard explains that the Temple of Shar is the one true God and all other religions are believing in false Gods. Royce uses an auditory illusion to distract most of the templars but was only able to distract 2 of the 5. After being searched Blaze and Royce regroup and inform the rest on what’s going on. With that information they start to head Eastbound on the road in the city. They end up turning a corner on 3 templars in heavy armor in pursuit of someone else. The one templar recognizes Larah and the fight ensues.

While the rest of the group is fighting the 3 templar knights, Jose enters the city in the farthest South-Eastern gate where he is searched and released. He sells some tacos and is assaulted by a templar where his donkey kicks the guy out of defense of his master. Another templar sees what’s happening and goes to attack the donkey and Jose transforms into a snake and grapples the man knocking him unconscious. He then proceeds to feed the knocked out man a taco who ends up dying due to an allergic reaction in the spice of the tacos. Immediately after realizing the man passed 4 patrolling templars notice the dead templar on the ground and see Jose standing over him. They begin to run after Jose. Jose runs and hides in a broken down ship under a tarp to avoid a fight. They lose track of him so they keep one templar to guard an area while the other 3 scout ahead. Jose ambushes the single templar as rats and end up killing him. Death by a 1,000 bites.

End Session

Session 3: Information, I think not!

Friday 8PM
Pat- Ranger
Jayme- Rogue
Kristi- Cleric
Will- Palading
Brendon- Bard

*Loots a shortsword (needs to be inspected) and 300g (which he shares with everyone) from Frida’s corpse.
*Enters the city of Taer Valadaes and groups up with Larah to get tattoos.
*Bribes the guard Bill with 5 gp to let him into the inner city.
*Get’s a tattoo (brand) of his god the Hoofawump on his shoulder, pays 5sp for it.
*Convinces the guard Bill to convert to his religion and finds out that the Temple of Shar doesn’t appreciate other religions.
*Meets up with the rest of the group in the “Ye Olde Inn.”
*Dances on someones meals and pisses him off but calms him by juggling 4 darts like a boss.
*Throws the darts at Blaze which blaze doesn’t dodge and takes a dart to the face for 4 damage.
*Purchases a room for 5sp for the night.

*Heals everyone after the fight with Frida.
*In the city of Taer Valadaes, she groups up with Susesy to get “tats”
*With the blessing of Persephone, she finds her way to the guard Bill who she tries to convince to let them into the inner city and ends up making an awkward conversation between them, almost getting them kicked out of the area until Susesy stepped in.
*Watches Susesy get a “tat” (branding) and ends up not getting one as it looked painful and unhealthy,
*Guides them to the “Ye Olde Inn” in the outer city slum area where they meet up with everyone.
*As the antics between the group is getting to its peek she goes to bed sharing a room with Quentin.

*During the fight with Frida he stabilizes Aiden for 10hp with lay on hands and incurs a attack of opportunity against him.
*After hearing what Frida has to say with her dying breath he finds an updated bloodied map of the area they are in.
*Helps Larah heal some people before they camp for the night.
*In the city of Taer Valadaes seearches for information on the dragon that he saw.
*Thinking that a meat vendor would be the best place to ask about the dragon he saw, speaks with the meat vendor who is confused and busy and tells him about the library.
*Enters the library to speak with an elderly woman who is in charge of the library. He asks her about book son dragons and she points him in the direction of dragon book sin the library.
*After reading what he believes to be a true story about Pete’s Dragon the librarian asks him what he’s looking for and she could provide the information for 10sp. He declines and continues reading books.
*Eventually the old librarian kicks him out as they were closing but would allow him to stay the night and protect the library if any “scum” would come by. He declines and ends up at the “Ye Olde Inn” with everyone else.
*After watching Suesesy piss off a patron by dancing on his food he juggles 4 darts from Blaze and after finishing an amazing juggling act and calming the patron he impales an unsuspecting Blaze with one of his own darts for 4 damage. Quentin heals Blaze by touching his shoulder with lay on hands.
*Pays for a room for him and Larah for 5 sp.

*After watching Sgt. Garn taken away by a giant 100 headed dragon walks around the bushes to find an ambush being prepared for the group which he thwarts.
*During the fight with Frida and her guards he is knocked unconscious but is healed by Quentin for 10.
*After the fight he convinces the group to push forward and to forget about the town.
*Camps before getting to the city of Taer Valdaes.
*Uncomfortable with big cities and large groups of people Aiden stays outside the city.

*As Frida finishes telling them about a person they can’t defeat with her dying breath Blaze finishes her off with a rapier to the heart. Her last word is “Wyrmwatch” as she dies.
*Camps with the group prior to the city of Taer Valadaes.
*In the city he searches for signs of a thieves guild. He dooesn’t find a thieves guild exactly but notices the hidden hand signals that makes him believe there might be one around.
*Ends up at a weapon shop where he sells 2/4 gems for 50gp and spends 50gp to upgrade his rapier with 8 charges, which allow him to remove a charge and deal 2 extra damage. The weapon is nonchargeable.
*Finds an Inn called the “Ye Olde Inn” in the outer slum part of the city where he speaks with the Innkeeper about poison.
*He spends 80 sp on information where to find poison (which ends up being the innkeeper) and purchasing 4 draughts of basic poison. 1 draught works on both weapons and lasts 4 hours.
*Tries to steal something from the weapon shop owner when he goes back to pick up his weapon. Fails as the owner owned a cat and was watching him leave the store.
*Gives Susesy 4 darts to juggle which Susesy ends up impaling his face with one as Blaze was in the middle of drinking ale. Takes 4 damage that Quentin heals with Lay on Hands.

Session 2: The Temple of Shar

8 PM group make-up:
Kristi- Cleric
Jayme- Rogue
Becker- Ranger
Will- Paladin
Brendon- Bard


  • Kills Pox the goblin.
  • Finds human tracks heading north.
  • Finds the charm spell in room 5.
  • Finds a necklace worth 80 gp.
  • Skins the worgs receives 2xWorgs hide.
  • Shoots retch as he runs out of the room screaming and ends up killing him because Larah wouldn’t tackle him.
  • Has an argument with owner of weeapon shop over a rapier, that Jayme stole.


  • Checks one of the statues and finds writing on them but nothing else.
  • Rolls a 18 for trap check, finds nothing.
  • Found 200 gp worth of gems in room 4.
  • Sends mouse into room 2 to check on it and finds out from the mouse there are hostiles in the room.
  • Throws the small knife and kills a worg.
  • Stole a rapier and bought 10x darts for 50cp from weapon shop owner in town.


  • Checks other statue and rolls a 5, then moves to find a new door.
  • Rolls a 1 and charges through the door and falls prone and wakes the goblins that were sleeping.
  • Takes 7 damage between 3 goblins.
  • Lay on hands for 7. He has 8 left.
  • Perception check in room 6 200 gp.
  • Becomes surrounded and is knocked unconscious.
  • Uses 5 of his lay on hands to heal Susesy to full.
  • Allows Susesy to ride on his back as they leave the temple.
  • Talks to someone at the constables about the goblin problem but Frida isn’t there.


  • Convinces Quentin to donate 5 cp to his religion.
  • Inspires Blaze.
  • Inspires Quentin.
  • Fails to shoot his bow.
  • Deceives a zombie into chasing lights away from Quentin.
  • In the middle of combat searches for loot under beds and sits on it.
  • Jumps from one bed to the other.
  • Juggles 4 arrows and impales his foot for 1 damage.
  • Uses Dancing Light to draw out 6/10 goblins from room 8 into an ambush.
  • Finds 108 sp from searching the goblins they just ambushed from room 8.
  • Gets shot in the face and knocked unconscious.
  • Heals Quentin to full with Healing Word.
  • Convinces stink to leave the temple with him.
  • Gets a piggy back ride from Quentin.
  • At the inn he juggles torches and gets a free room for the group.


  • Prays over the dead goblin and searches and get 15 sp.
  • Divies up the 15sp to everyone.
  • Prays in front of the statue of shar and gets struck by lightning for 4 damage.
  • Finds gold and gives it out to everyone 5g 15 sp each.
  • Blesses Quentin and Blaze before combat in room 6.
  • Stabilizes both Quentin and Susesy.
  • Chases after Retch trying to give him a hug to calm him.
  • Brings stink to the infirmary and stays with him.

Plot so far:
The Temple of Shar has been mostly cleared out by the group, they decide to return to town, as some of them were wounded and they had a prisoner in need of medical attention. After getting back to town Quentin discusses the issue of the goblins in the Temple with Sgt. Garn, who is annoyed at first to hear that they engaged the goblins, but eventually gives in to the fact that it’s already too late. He tells Quentin, “Frida is on patrol over by the farms and will be back shortly, when she arrives we will discuss this in more detail.”
After 4 hours, Garn frantically enters the Inn asking for help from Quentin and his friends to protect the farms from the goblin attack. The group agreed and left immediately. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to reach the farms as they were intercepted by the leader of the goblins riding a worg and two of it’s guards. Garn instantly noticed who it was, “Frida what’re you doing?” He asked confused and desperate. She answered with a cackling laugh and proclaimed, “The Goddess Shar will destroy all who do not accept her as the one true God! Come! Become one of The Draconic Witness and bring an end to all these false Gods and religions. Or die!” Session ends.

Can’t make it:
Kenny- character working on his contraption (1/3).

Session 1: Dicking around in Kasserine
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Session 1:

  • Keith tries to sneak by Frida rolls a 16 and she watches him walk slowly past her and rolls her eyes. She pats him on the back and he tries to pick pocket her and she bitch slaps him for 2 damage.
  • Kyle jerks off in the alley way rolls a 10 for animal handling and haphazardly jerks off on a wall.
  • Ryan intimidates the bartender for free room and board.
  • Keith tries to juggle 3 torches fucks up with a 5 and lights himself on fire for 4 damage.
  • Brendon gets free board for everyone for playing music, but Kyle drags mark outside to spoon with him in the alley way.
  • Brendon converts Ryan to his religion.
  • Brendon buys a taco from josh for 2 cp.
  • Brendon eats the taco.
  • Session ended as they entered the Temple.

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