Session 9: The Sentinels?


The group, with minimum manpower, struggle to escape the town before the Ancient Dragon and its rider, Vern the Blood Knight, begin their attack. While trying to escape, the town is enveloped in a blue shield that is summoned by the crazy Apothecarian. Stuck inside and no where to go the two soldiers, Narder and Ealdhelme, tell the group that the Weapon-smith and Armor-smith seek their audeince before the battle begins. After receiving their items from the weapon-smith the group finds themselves trying to sneak by 2 cave trolls and a Iron Ogre, that managed to infiltrate the city before the shield was constructed.

Managing to sneak by the 3 beasts, the group spoke with the armor-smith, who gave them the rest of their items they were looking for and provided the items for free in replace of keeping the armor-smith safe from danger. With that agreement the group begins to assault a lonely armored cave troll, only to draw the attention of the other 2 beasts. The cave trolls managed to surround Quentin, while the Iron Ogre flanked the back lines.

The Iron ogres immense size made it very difficult for Susenna to escape. Providing enough of a distraction for the rest of the group to deal with the cave trolls. Susenna was able to fend off the iron ogre by running in small hard to reach areas. Unfortunately, the cave trolls regeneration was too much for the rest of the group, so Aiden was cast a spell that hid the group from the dumb beasts. With Blaze providing the necessary poison to deal with the trolls regeneration, Quentin and Aiden helped in dispatching the 2 trolls, while Susenna created anotheer distraction for the big Iron Ogre.

Once, the trolls were dead the group focused on the ogre only to find Susenna was chased down, cornered, and knocked unconscious. With its immense attacks the iron ogre was able to deal some pretty hefty damage before Blaze, Quentin, and Aiden took it down.

When they re-grouped and met up with Narder and Ealdhelme by the northern gate, the group was ambushed by 4 umber hulks, which burst from ground. Before the umber hulks could do anything Narder and Ealdhelme flashed into action cleaving the 4 in mere seconds.

Stunned and in awe, the group realized their assistance wasn’t needed in defending the town. But Narder, Ealdhelme, and the Apothecarian explained to them that they were lieutenants of the Sentinels and the Apothecarian was in fact one of the top Magus of their group. With the 3 staing at Norinoth, they’ve been able to beat back the constant onslaught of the Nightbringers armies. Unfortunately, the Nightbringers have begun to increase their size and attacks.

With the three stuck defending the town they ask the group to go to the caves to the North during the next attack to put a stop to this endless assault.


Cptgrundle Cptgrundle

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