Session 12: Save the eggs!!

Will- Quentin- Paladin
Josh Jose- Druid
Jayme- Blaze- Rogue
Sarah Susenna- Bard
Becker- Aiden- Ranger
Ben Royce- Sorcerer

Still in the mines of Wyrmwatch the group collects their loot, which happens to be some dragon eggs, and head for the exit. On their way to the exit an umbral hulk unborrows itself next to the bell rings it and instantly dies, as red mist leaves it’s lifeless body. As the bell rings out in the cave the group notices an intense tremor through-out the mines. Blaze is the first to notice the mines are collapsing behind them.

With their priorities set on saving the dragon eggs, the group makes their slow escape from the mines as it collapses around them. Struggling to push the eggs through tight corridors, over and around corpses, and to the nearing exit. Aiden hears something terrifyingly familiar. The sound of a purple wurm. With Aiden providing new information to everyone, the groups desire to escape provides that extra push they needed to get out alive.

As they run out of the mines the door and walls behind them collapse on themselves. The tremor seems to have stopped, but the group sees a new problem in front of them. A horde of nightbringers led by a floating sorcerer and a sorceress Lelies. A person from Quentin’s past. While Quentin is obviously oblivious to the surroundings, Aiden noticed something about the nightbringer army. Some, if not most, were his people. He to was distracted, but Blaze seeing everything in front of him noticed that they were in a bad way.

Tash began to boast at the group that they have been convinced that this was the place they needed to stop the nightbringer army. Take out the army at it’s legs by removing it’s fundings. Smart play, but all a ploy to get them here. A trap if you will. The groups ability to take down several generals of the army seemed to be a bit of a problem that needed to be answered with directly. Before Tash could finish boasting Lelies and the rest of the army spoke in cohesion exclaiming for him to shut up. They told him to leave and to meet them at the Zephyr Keep. Tash bowed apologized and left.

With Tash gone and no one left but the army and Lelies, Aiden instantly acted out in rage of seeing his people afflicted by what ever that consumed them. Shooting arrows into the crowd to hopefully create enough of a diversion to aid in the escape of the rest of the group. Unfortunately, Quentin still stunned and Blaze realizing that the arrows did nothing to cause any commotion for their escape. The army and Lelies all stared at the arrows sticking out of the shoulders and chests of the templars hit and stared back at the group.

The nightbringers spoke and told the group this was their last stand as they will not escape here. They will end their persistence here and now. As they spoke 5-6 templars lunged at the group while the rest of the army began to move close for an attack. That same moment the templars leaped something else lunged at them. Something large and from underground. A Purple wurm emerged and attacked the leaping templars instantly devouring them. As the first wurm submerged another emerged consuming more of the army. It turned into an all out war in seconds. The nightbringer army instantly set their attention on the purple wurms, while Aiden cast a spell to provide cover for the group and the eggs escape.

The group slowly ran away while the army made short work of the wurms. Lelies would hit them with lightning and essentially dematerialize them in an instant, turning them to dust and ash. Because the army was so focused on the wurms, the adventurers were able to escape and watch from what they assumed to be a safe distance. Full of rage and frustration, Lelies and the nightbringers search for the group and were unable to find them. They screamed into the air, Immense power erupted out of them causing a big red nova disintegrating anything in it’s path. When the dust settled nothing was left, not even the army. Just a giant hole in the ground where they stood.

The group saw this as an opportunity to skedaddle. They aimlessly wondered for days eastbound. Quentin and Aiden beside themselves as Blaze kept mentioning Quentin’s girl-friend, which he repeatedly defended as saying she was not his g/f. One night as the group were resting, Aiden took the opportunity to leave to go search for his people. The group lost a brave soul that day. With morale low and Quentin on the verge of losing his mind. They find themselves in front of a fort of dwarves.

Upon arrival they are instantly asked to leave or provide enough information that would make the dwarves care enough of their quest. When discussing their situation to the guard of the gate Rurik, a dwarf cleric, informed the guard that these two souls are Quentin and Blaze. Fighters of the nightbringers. With that information the guard opened the gate.

While in the fort the guard informed them about their leader, Udlak, a general of the remaining dwarf army. They set on a campaign years ago to deal with the nightbringer army, but they are all that remained and because of the inability to deal with the nightbringer menace, the leader is slightly crazed. As the group enter the chambers of Udlak he immediately exclaims that he know what is going on. Rurik informed him of the group and Quentin began to speak, when Udlak yelled for silence and kicked the group out of the room as him and Rurik spoke.

When the group returned Udlak, still annoyed, seemed willing to speak with them. They noticed that 2 of his giant hammers stuck in the wall behind them. Quentin and Blaze began to inform the leader of what they’ve experienced. While discussing the nightbringers Blaze felt a familiar tremor. As Udlak slammed his fist repeatedly against his chair a wurm erupted and attempted to consume him. Another wurm erupted behind Blaze and Quentin attack a group of dwarves that were slamming their mugs on the table.

Two wurms followed the two to pitchwall fort, whether by choice or under command no one could tell. Udlak holding the creature maw open enough to prevent it from being able to escape and burrow, exclaimed to his men to hold the other wurm at bay. Keeping them above ground, so they can attack. Quentin, Blaze, and Rurik jumped into action immediately attacking the wurm that had Udlak in it’s maw. The first wurm was dealt blow after blow, while Udlak’s rage fueled his strength from being swallowed whole by the beast.

The second wurm went on the offensive after realizing the group of dwarves were too much to escape from. With it’s stinger it dealt poisonous, devastating damage to the group, but because of Rurik’s teachings he was able to keep the group up and fighting in top top shape. Finally, the first wurm was able to throw Udlak from it’s maw at Blaze who nimbly dodge out of the way, only to watch the wurm submerge into the ground. Realizing that the creature was blind underground, but could sense tremors the group stood still as Udlak mad a mad dash to his hammers, only to be attacked again by the submerged wurm.

Again udlak was able to prevent his consumption with his raw strength, and again the group fell upon the distracted wurm. After a long grueling battle with the one wurm, they were finally able to beat it. The second wurm, still unable to escape the group of dwarves that pinned it’s body with their spears, fell to Udlak and the groups wrath almost instantly. After the fight was over and the wurms were felled, Udlak saw hope with the 2 new adventurers and provided that Rurik join them on their adventure to stop the nightbringer threat. The dwarves will retreat for now in hopes to gather a larger newer army to help later, but for now they must leave by morning just in case the wurms were just the first of many to attack pitchwall fort.

The group gaining a new ally to aid them on their struggle with the nightbringer army, rest before their new adventure begins.

End session.


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