Session 11: Doors, doors, and more doors

July 29th

Will – Paladin
Josh – Druid
Jayme – Rogue

The group still stuck in the mines of Wyrmwatch, they decide to push forward. Before moving on they notice that Susenna has vanished from where she stood. With no idea of what could’ve happened they head North in the mines. They find themselves in front of two giant doors, one North and one South. Next to the Northern most door there is a lever. With their anxiety and anticipation peaked they inspect for traps. Finding none they pull the lever. The door to the South opens to reveal 4 giant colored eggs. One blue, one copper, one black, and the last being a sand color. Blaze knows these eggs to be dragon eggs and based on their color that is the type of dragon it would be. While they discuss and investigate the eggs the door to the North opens.

Immediately the groups attention is on the opened door. They find themselves staring at a immense pile of corpses. While discussing what could’ve happened two Basilisks erupt from the pile and begin to charge at them. The group, well aware of their situation, post up for a fight. As the group finished dispatching the giant lizards, Quentin is hit with a stone gaze almost petrifying him. Praying to his God, he was able to rid the ailment and recover.

As Blaze and Aiden skinned the Basilisks, Quentin went to investigate the corpses. Seeming to find nothing, but remains of the basilisks past meals they pushed on. Heading Southbound in the mines the group encountered another door. This one almost twice the size of the last two the encountered. They decide to explore the rest of the mines in search for an exit. Unable to find the exit, the group encounter an umbral hulk and orog. They quickly dispatch the two, but before they do they notice that Aiden has gone missing.

Confused and concerned the group continues. With their heads on a swivel they find another door. Blaze inspects it and finds nothing, so he begins to lock-pick it. After opening it they find 2 chests in the back corner. Within the chests they find gold, a beacon bow, boots of striding and sprinting, flying blade sword, and a mirror. After discussion and loot splitting the group continues. Before they decide to open the giant door they head back to the room with the eggs to rest up.

While the rest of the group rested Quentin decided to take the first watch. At the 3rd hour of watch he felt the ground quake beneath him. So, much so that he began to wake the group. Blaze immediately displeased by being woken up earlier than preferred lashed out at Quentin. Not understanding Quentin’s franticness Blaze decided to let him rest and picked up on watch duty. Another 3-4 hours pass and the ground began to shake violently. Blaze woke everyone and explained what was going on. Quentin immediately understood and rose to his feet. They all agreed to wake and find an exit.

Staring at the giant door the group decides to open it. Blaze inspects it and finds no traps and begins to successfully pick the lock. As the door opened they’re met by Sgt. Garn, the man that was taken away by the giant 100 headed dragon at the town of Kasserine, and 2 giant black and white basilisks. They post up for a fight, but before any attack all three speak as if they were one being. In their disturbing synchronisation the 3 tell the group that they’ve been watching them since Kasserine when they dispatched Frida with ease. And that they’ve been nothing but a thorn in their side and will be destroyed here and now. As they finish Garn leaps into the group and begins to cleave into them wildly.

Jose left to deal with the 2 basilisk since Garn separated him from the group, shape-shifted into snakes to deal as much damage while mitigating the stone gaze of the beasts. Quentin unable to reach the 2 basilisk decides to cast a moonbeam on one of them, while they are funnelled into a tight corridor maximizing its effects. Blaze and Quentin were able to take minimum damage from the crazed Garn due to their combined teamwork.

After each attack the 3 synchronized beings kept proclaiming the groups demise, until the last of them were left on the ground dead. As the group recollected themselves they noticed that the armor and size of each enemy was evaporating in a dark mist. Garn was left practically naked and the 2 basilisks color and size reverted back to their original colors.

After dispatching the 3 inhumane beasts the group found a room full of more bodies. The difference was the bodies were new and their clothes resembled the clothes of the townsfolk from Norinoth. A chest gleamed in the back part of the room, within it was a epost, gold, and gems. The group grabbed the loot and ran out finally finding the exit. But before they leave the group decides to go back for their prized possessions, the dragon eggs. End.


Cptgrundle Cptgrundle

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